Carbon Fibre wedding rings presented:

Carbon wedding rings and black wedding rings are currently in trend. Many brides and grooms buy wedding rings made from traditional precious metals, but others prefer more unusual wedding rings such as carbon rings. Strictly speaking, carbon is not a precious metal. Nevertheless, the ultra-modern material is able to easily keep up with its stability. The combination of carbon and epoxy resin also impresses with its outstanding technical properties.

    • The wedding rings show no abrasion because carbon is very strong.           

    • Carbon wedding rings not only impress with their unique look, but also with their unique feel.

    • The material has high tensile strength. a property that guarantees that the high-tech material does not come off with precious metals.

    • Due to the low weight of the ultra-modern material, carbon wedding rings are extremely robust and offer a high level of comfort.

    • Carbon does not corrode and can withstand chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

    • Carbon does not contain nickel and is skin-friendly.  

  •  The following materials form the high-tech material:

           Very tear-resistant carbon with the chemical name C and the elemental number 6

            Binder (usually a polymer)

    • The color of the carbon-reinforced plastic varies from anthracite to black.

    • Although they are very stable, carbon wedding rings are light as a feather and impress with their first-class wearing comfort.

  •   Carbon Carbon rings are incredibly easy to care for. Lighter lines that resemble the annual rings of trees run through the anthracite to black surface of the carbon

Interesting: The outside of a ring can be completely covered with carbon. But asymmetrical or even inlays are also possible.


A few years ago, carbon was primarily a building material and was therefore also used in construction, motorsports and aerospace. However, due to its pleasant feel, the material has also established itself in the jewelry industry. Carbon has a natural grain reminiscent of deep, dark earth. This makes carbon interesting for jewelry making and enables exciting designs that you can also create yourself. Carbon consists of dense carbon fibers embedded in a plastic matrix. This fills any gaps and creates a material that is very rigid thanks to the tightly connected fibers and is even harder than steel.

Information about the durability of carbon: Due to their numerous good properties, carbon rings are extremely durable. Since carbon is light-resistant, it does not lose color even in summer and remains beautiful. The material does not become brittle, tarnish or expand. Water cannot harm the material either.



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