Wedding Planner


12-10 before the wedding:



 Go on a journey of thought: 


  • The basics: What should the big day look like? Church, civil or free wedding? And does the wedding have a theme? Vintage, boho or maritime?

  • Date: What time of year would you like to get married? Have several days in mind for the rough planning so that you can remain flexible if a registry office or location is fully booked. And take school vacations and public holidays into account when planning your wedding.

  • Budget: Draw up a provisional budget and update it regularly. 

  • Number of guests: Are you planning a family wedding or a large celebration with more than 100 guests? Create an initial guest list. 
  • Location: Book the location as early as possible (preferably after the guest list and budget have been determined) and also plan a plan B for bad weather. 

  • Wedding fairs: Get inspiration at wedding fairs and seek advice. (Have a look at our trade fair planner)

10-8 months in advance:



  • Reserve a date for a civil wedding: At most registry offices, you can only book a binding date six months before the wedding. However, some offices allow you to reserve your preferred date. Find out about this in good time by telephone or email.


  • Reserve a date in the church: If you would like to get married in church, you should look for a priest in good time and register for a church wedding.

  • Free wedding date: Book a free theologian or wedding speaker as early as possible.


  • Wedding team: It's time to choose the best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls. 


  • Save-The-Date: Finalize your guest list and think again about who should be present. Then inform all important guests of the wedding date. 


  • Schedule: Outline the initial wedding schedule.


  • Hire a band/DJ: Should a DJ or rather a band sweeten the day? Or a singer after all?


  • Book a wedding photographer/videographer: So that all the beautiful moments are immortalized.

8-6 months in advance:


  • Update documents: Compile documents for the registry office and check whether all documents are still valid long enough. File important documents and contracts in a folder. 


  • Food & drinks: Would you prefer to treat your guests to a buffet or a set menu?


  • Bridal outfits: Start looking for a beautiful wedding dress early on.  Remember: it usually takes a few weeks until your wedding dress is perfectly tailored to you due to delivery times and individual adjustments. Also look around for accessories that you will need. E.g.: veil, shoes & jewelry -->


  • Book a honeymoon: Look around for beautiful destinations to top off the wedding. 


  • Stationery: Look for invitation, table, menu and place cards and get quotes from printers. 


  • Transport: Organize a wedding vehicle. Would you like to drive up in a fancy Rolls Royce, an old VW Bulli or a horse-drawn carriage?

  • Guest transportation: How will the guests get to the wedding location? Perhaps it would be a good idea to organize a shuttle.

6-4 months in advance:



  • Registration:  If you previously only had a reservation, you must now make a binding booking.


  • Organize room and table decorations: Have you decided on a decoration style or does your wedding have a theme? Then it's time to get down to the details. The venue may provide specifications or materials, or you may be free to choose. Order or make the decorations during this period.


  • Prenuptial agreement? Clarify together whether a prenuptial agreement is an option for you.


  • Clothes for bridesmaids: Now is the time to get matching outfits for the bridesmaids and flower girls. 


  • Groom's outfit: The groom should now start looking for his wedding suit. The color and style should match the bride's dress and the theme of the wedding.


  • Guest entertainment: Would you like to entertain your guests with fireworks, a caricaturist or a photobooth?


  • Choose a wedding saying: Especially at a church wedding, the wedding saying is part of the wedding ceremony. It accompanies the couple for a lifetime and symbolizes their love.


  • Dance lessons: The bride and groom's first dance is a classic at every wedding. So now is the time to take dance lessons.

  • Discuss music: What songs do you want to hear at your wedding and what do you want people to dance to? Discuss the playlist and your wishes with the wedding band or DJ.


  • Choosing wedding rings: Your wedding rings will accompany you for a lifetime and perhaps you should start thinking about how they should look now and seek professional advice from Moreen Trauringe.

4-3 months in advance:


  • Styling: Who takes care of the styling? Make an appointment for the wedding day and a trial date.


  • Invitation cards: Have them printed and send them out.


  • Wedding cake: For brides in particular, the choice of cake is a highlight on the wedding checklist. Discuss your wishes with a pastry chef.


  • Gifts for guests: Weddings usually feature small gifts for guests such as wedding almonds, flower seed bottles or an emergency kit with blister plasters, headache tablets and tissues. Think about it and order a little something or make something.


  • Exact schedule: Plan the exact schedule for the wedding.

  • Book the honeymoon: Check your passports and documents and book your trip.

2 months in advance:



  • Guestbook: Would you like to have a beautiful guestbook?

  • Set menu: Go through the menu and drinks plan with the venue. Also think about vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers.  


  • Organize party helpers: Who will receive the gifts and make a list if necessary. Note who gave what for the thank you notes. 


  • Talk to florists: Bridal bouquet, table decorations, flower arrangements for the wedding car.


  • Photos: Talk to photographers about specific ideas.

  • Wedding rings: Think about wedding rings ( and buy them.

4-2 weeks in advance:




  • Steg or hen party: Many wedding couples opt for a traditional stag or hen party with friends to really let it rip once again.


  • Fitting: Final fitting with all accessories.


  • Dress rehearsal: Organize a dress rehearsal with flower children and musicians.


  • Invitations: Check the number of responses and follow up if necessary.


  • Table arrangements: The seating arrangements are a crucial point on your wedding checklist. Think carefully about how you want to seat your guests.

  • Stationery: Have table, menu and place cards printed. 

  •  Shoes: To avoid aching blisters on your wedding day, you should break in your bridal shoes well.


  • Contact all helpers and suppliers: Does the florist know where the flowers are to be delivered? And will the pastry chef be at the venue in time with the wedding cake? Contact all important suppliers again and clarify any outstanding problems.


  • Service providers: Make a list of service providers and give it to the witnesses. 


  • Formulate wedding vows: A personalized vow statement is often the highlight of a romantic marriage. It is therefore advisable to take time at least 2 weeks before the big day to prepare a few sentences for your partner. 

  • Wedding rings: If you haven't already, buy your wedding rings now at the latest. They will arrive at Moreen within 2-3 weeks.

2 weeks in advance:



  • Location: let them know the exact number of guests. Depending on the arrangement, you should now definitely let the restaurant or caterer know how many guests are celebrating with you.


  • Groom styling: Time for the groom's hairdressing appointment. 


  • Bridal styling: Certain beauty treatments, such as manicures etc., now is the time. 


  • Emergency kit: Put together deodorant, stumps, handkerchiefs, headache tablets, make-up, hairpins, etc. 


  • Weather: Plan B instead?


  • Transportation: Take the route from the registry office/church/location again: Are there roadworks on the way?

1 day before the wedding:



  • Get your documents, rings and wedding attire ready: Get everything ready for your big day and start planning your wedding slowly.


Wedding day:

  • Breakfast: Don't go to the wedding ceremony on an empty stomach!

  • Hairdresser: Go to the hairdresser or have your hair styled in your hotel room.

  • Emergency kit: Is the emergency kit included?

  • Floral decorations: Pick up the bridal bouquet, the groom's pin, the maid of honor's bouquet and the flower arrangement for the wedding car.

  • Don't forget: Bring rings and documents for the wedding ceremony.




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