Facts about wedding rings




After purchasing your desired rings, you will receive a voucher from us which you can redeem with us within three years. Reconditioning means that we restore your ring to the condition it was in on the day you picked it up from us. 



The most important part of buying a wedding ring is trying it on, as this is the only way to find the right ring for you. When buying a wedding ring, many things play an important role that you might not think about personally, so let our team advise you. 


Clarity & Co.

Brides love bling-bling, which is at least reflected in their preference when choosing wedding rings, as 70% of brides want diamonds. But how can you recognize the quality of a diamond? By the so-called four Cs: Clarity, Cut, Carat (weight) and Color. You can find out more under 4Cs for diamonds. 


The word "diamond" is derived from the Latin diamantem, which in turn is a variation of the word adamanta and means as much as indomitable. The term therefore stands for the special hardness of the gemstone. A popular cut is the brilliant cut. 



A diamond is too classic or boring for you, you don't want to have the same as everyone else or you want to add some color? We can help you with that. How about a different gemstone, the choice is huge.



Diamonds mined in mines are cut into shape to reveal their special brilliance. If you would like to know more about this topic, you can find out more here.



If you are looking for unique rings, you have come to the right place. Our goldsmith can create your dream ring from your personal wishes or make changes to our sample rings so that they correspond exactly to your wishes. 



When exchanging rings, all eyes are on the hands of the bride and groom. Afterwards, friends and family will want to see the chosen wedding ring and the wedding photographer will also be looking for memorable pieces. This makes flawless hands all the more important, but not just for the bride. A manicure visit before the big day is an absolute must.


Inscription and co.

Your wedding date, a fingerprint, the zodiac sign stone, your names or a little saying - when it comes to wedding rings, engraving and the inside is possible.  Traditionally, the engraving is on the inside of the ring, but engravings on the outside are also possible.



Everyone knows "silver and gold wedding anniversaries". But did you know that many years have a name? After 7 years of marriage it is called a copper wedding and after 15 years a crystal wedding, the whole thing goes up to 75 years of marriage. This anniversary is then called a crown jewel wedding.


Purchase - before and after

Once you have decided on your rings, we will specify your choice of model and any changes on our special order form. If everything has been entered correctly, you sign the order form with your consent. A 30% deposit of the purchase amount is then due. You can pay in cash or with Ec and Visa. 

As soon as the jewelry is ready, you will receive an SMS from us and you can decide whether you want to pick up the rings at our premises or whether we should send them to you cash on delivery.



As pure gold is rather weak, it is mixed with other metals such as copper or palladium. The ratio of gold to other types of metal is known as an alloy. You can find more information about alloys here.



The list of precious metals that are suitable for making wedding or engagement rings is long. We work with the various gold colors and occasionally with platinum and silver.


Name hallmark

This is a stamp on the inside of the ring that shows the maker/creator who made the ring. There is usually another stamp next to the name hallmark showing the alloy and possibly the carat.



Regarding the different surfaces, you can basically say that everything that is glossy becomes matt and everything that is matt becomes glossy. Of course, there are also exceptions, such as an ice-matt surface. This structure remains as it is, except for minor changes. As this structure already shows "natural signs of use". We go into the different surfaces in more detail here.




Due to the aspect of the direct manufacturer, we have no middleman, this and various adjustments, depending on the possibility and wishes, can allow price changes. We do our utmost to ensure that the pair of wedding rings you have chosen will also fit in your ring bag. 



All the raw materials we need to make your jewelry are thoroughly checked and scrutinized. A wedding ring pair weighs between 6g and 12g, so you can be sure that our rings are made of solid metal and that there are no holes in the cross-section of the ring.


Ring finger

Traditionally, the wedding ring is worn on the right. In general, however, anything goes. If you usually only wear your rings on the left hand, you can also opt for this side, as many couples like the idea of the wedding ring being closer to the heart. You can find out more about ring fingers here. 


Solitaire ring

We know this ring shape mainly by the name of engagement rings. These rings are characterized by a high-set, usually large diamond. The setting of the diamond is usually a prong or bezel setting. The ring itself is rather narrow.


Wedding rings

"Wedding rings bring joy" - we take this saying to heart, because our customers come to us for a joyful reason. 

We are also a direct manufacturer that specializes in wedding rings.



Many of the rings and pieces of jewelry in our collections are unique. It is rare that a bridal couple does not make any changes to our designs. This means that each ring is unique and made according to your wishes.


Engagement customs in other cultures

For people of Turkish descent, there are three phases before the wedding (Kiz isteme, Söz kesme and Nisan), which are the approval visit, the promise and the engagement ceremony. 



Wave- in design

If you are looking for something asymmetrical in wedding rings, you can choose between different design elements. One element is the design joint in the form of a wave. The gemstones can be set into the joints of the wave. 


Xxxl ring size

We can also make your rings in oversizes for you. However, you will pay a small surcharge from size 70, as we need more material for the larger sizes.



Yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG for short) is an artificially produced crystalline compound. Due to its hardness and high light refraction properties, it is a popular gemstone that was used as a diamond substitute. It was later replaced by the more suitable zirconia.



To avoid wedding stress, many manufacturers and wedding brides offer a timetable. They also recommend looking for wedding rings around 8 months before the wedding ceremony, as many manufacturers have a delivery time of 4 months. With us, as a direct manufacturer, you are lucky enough to enjoy a delivery time of around 14 working days.



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